Sunday, 27 May 2012

My punishment :(

Hi again! Today, me and Mistress were at the mall. Then suddenly she went into a baby shop and told me to buy diapers for me, baby lotion and baby powder. I was really embarassed as i paid for the diapers. At the morning, Mistress put 2 diapers on me, and a pair of tight jeans. Anyone could see i wore diapers. Well, after that, we came home. I had pooped in my diaper and Mistress changed me, and finished with 10 spanks on my butt. Then, it was time for something new. Mistress told me that teens should have some experiences around breast punishing. I was thinking: Oh no....! when she said it. So, first, she started to spank my breasts with her hand. Then, she put clamps on my nipples and left them there for 15 mins. I wasn't allowed to do anything, not even go to the toilet, so when i felt the pee coming i couldn't stop it. I wore no diaper so it ran down my legs and made a puddle on the floor. When Mistress came back and saw it she got mad. First, she spanked my pussy hard 10 times, then she put the vibrating egg in, put it on hardest vibrating and banned me to come. Then she took a rope and tied my breasts. I was at this for like 30 mins and the last 10 mins i really begged her to stop. She just told me that these things are things who baby teens has to go through. Then she took the egg out, took the rope off my breasts and made me turn over and spread my butt cheeks. She put in a 3qt enema and when i had took all water, she made me hold it for 10 mins. I'm so tired. She put a new diaper on me, send me to bed and banned me from using the toilet on the night. I really need to poo now but i have to do it in my diaper. Good Night from a tired

Tayla <3

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